Woman finds bloody goat head on car hood in Hyde Park

BOSTON (AP/WHDH) — A woman woke up to find a gruesome sight on her car in the Boston neighborhood of Hyde Park.

The woman found a bloody goat head on her car hood early Tuesday morning, with a photo of herself tucked under the windshield wiper blades.

The woman was walking her dog up Garfield Avenue at around 6 a.m. and noticed the head of the animal.

“When I saw this, I said, ‘Oh my god this is crazy,’” the woman told 7News. “It looked like somebody tried to do something to me.”

Police say she drove her car about half a mile to the Hyde Park branch of the Boston Police Department with the grisly scene still intact.

“I drove very slowly,” the woman said. “I didn’t even take it off the car.”

Animal control has removed the head, while officers search the area for more evidence. They are asking the public for surveillance video in the neighborhood.

No suspects have been arrested. The woman said she has no idea who could be responsible for this.

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