Canadian boy with brain tumor travels to Boston to meet Tuukka Rask

BOSTON (WHDH) - A boy with cancer got the chance to travel to Boston with his family and meet his favorite hockey player, thanks to the Boston Bruins.

Ronny Betterley, who is from Ontario, was diagnosed with a rare and inoperable brain tumor less than a month ago. The 6-year-old and his family put together a “bucket list” for him and on the list was meeting his favorite hockey player, Bruins goalie Tuukka Rask.

Back home in Canada, supporters raised enough money for Ronny to come to Boston. He and his family watched Saturday’s game against the Washington Capitals. After the game, the Bruins gave Ronny the opportunity to meet Rask and Bruins forward Brad Marchand. Due to undergoing a series of radiation treatments, Ronny was too exhausted to talk to the Bruins players but his brother and sister helped him.

“It’s a pretty cool experience meeting Tuukka and Brad. Much rather would have met him under better circumstances than this. But he had a smile when he saw the two,” said Joe Betterley, Ronny’s brother. “He’s happy, I’m happy.”

Ronny’s family set up a page on Facebook that both documents his battle and shares all the memories they are creating with him.

“Right now, we are having great times, we’re making lots of memories for him,” said Anita Betterley, Ronny’s mother. “And that’s the most important part right now.”

Anita Betterley said her family is grateful for the support from both their community back home and the Bruins.

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