Fans upset over racist taunts directed at Adam Jones

BOSTON (WHDH) - Both Red Sox and Orioles fans told 7News they were upset to learn that Orioles outfielder Adam Jones was subjected to racist remarks at Monday’s game at Fenway Park.

“It’s a terrible situation and I don’t think it accurately reflects the Red Sox fanbase,” said Red Sox fan Parker Fish. “I think it’s the actions of one or two not-so-nice people.”

Barry Kriha, attending Tuesday’s game with his children, said he did not want them hearing things like that at Fenway.

“I bring my kids, that’s uncalled for. Hopefully he was drunk, the person that did it, and he was just an idiot but he should get kicked out, most definitely,” said Kriha.

Orioles fans at Tuesday’s game said they have always loved coming to Fenway but felt let down by what happened to Jones.

“It’s pretty upsetting,” said Orioles fan Dustin Herbert. “I’m sure there’s one guy in every crowd that says stuff like that but I’m sure it doesn’t reflect the town. I’m sure he was pretty hurt and it’s a pretty bad look on baseball.”

Red Sox fans said they were concerned that this gives a negative perception to Fenway Park and Boston itself. As Jones walked to home plate at the top of the first inning Tuesday night, he received a standing ovation at Fenway. Fans at a nearby bar said they felt compelled to stand up as well.

“In a way we redeemed ourselves but nothing will really take back what happened yesterday,” said UMass Dartmouth student Jon Houk. “It’s nice to show that we do have a humane side a little bit.”

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