Tom Brady’s back and looking towards the future

FOXBOROUGH, MA (WHDH) - Patriots’ fans rejoiced after Tom Brady’s show stopping return to the team Sunday after being forced to sit out the first four games of the season.

The Pats went 3-1 with Brady’s suspension.

When he returned to the field against the Cleveland Browns fans were ready—shouting his name from the stands.

“I think we’ve got the best fans in the world, they showed up today and it was great to hear them,” said Brady.

The support had a huge impact on other players as well.

“We Tom came out on the field and to our fans in the stadium chant his name, it did give me an extra boost,” said Matthew Slater.

The Pats dominated—Brady passed more than 400 yards. He completed passes to seven different players, including three touchdowns to Martelleus Bennett.

The team and Brady have begun preparing for their next match up against the Cincinnati Bengals—not wanting to focus on the past.

“There’s no point in looking back at anything,” said Brady.

“Whether we won Super Bowls or last championships games or the last four weeks…none of it matters,” he added.

Brady’s teammates were thrilled that their leader was back at the top of his game, with no plans to slow down soon.

“All is well now that 12’s back,” said Slater. “…Old Benjamin Button hasn’t slowed down yet,” he joked.

Tom Brady is set to play his first home game against the Bengals on Sunday.

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