Struggle with transit police ends with couple in jail

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA (WHDH) — She was the woman heard screaming during a violent struggle between transit staff, Sacramento, California police and her boyfriend.

Now out on bond on a charge of resisting officers, Stacey Bledsoe, just wants answers about how a ticket turned into this.

Bledsoe questions officer behavior at the Light Rail Station Wednesday as revealed through a bystander’s cell phone video.

Regional transit have now released the silent video of the incident captured by its station cameras.

Officials say the fight started when Bledsoe’s boyfriend refused to put his hands behind his back.

His mother says that is not how it happened.

According to Rhonda Miller, her 6-foot-4-inch son’s size and the color of his skin have unfairly put him in officers sights in the past where he’s been arrested for issues connected to being homeless.

She said he has only been out of jail for 8 months, having served 4 years for his role in a fight, and now he’s back behind bars for hitting two officers and resisting arrest.

Miller says her son takes medication for anxiety and depression he developed after past abuse by police in San Jose, California.

Smith and his girlfriend were headed to a nearby college, and had paid their train fares, so they don’t understand why they were on the receiving end of this kind of treatment.


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