Wild Swings No More

 Unreal swing in temps the past several days here in New England–especially along the coast. It happened again yesterday for Boston where the temps jumped from 62 to 84 in one hour! All thanks to a wind shift—from the northeast (cold ocean) to the southwest (warm air across interior New England). Pretty wacky stuff to observe…and forecast!

 The next few days will offer seasonal temps thus removing those dramatic swings in temp. The reasoning will be a northwest wind for eh entire day. I think this wind will be your only issue today as it will gust between 15-25 mph.  When you have wind the air is mixed well…like taking a spoon through a hot cup of soup. This will keep our temps huddled together throughout the day–50s this morning and 60s this afternoon. The fiesty wind combined with dry air means fire danger is elevated for the day. Pollen levels will also be elevated for much of the day. Overall, a nice spring day. Tomorrow & Friday is also sunny but with less wind. Seasonal temps both days…low 70s (60s along the coast).

The weekend offers some issues. A front will be draped across NY/PA and will try to move into New England. These fronts are great producers of clouds and showers. As of now it appears both days will feature mainly cloudy skies (some sun) and the risk of a passing shower. Timing these showers is a bit tough this early but Saturday morning may be the highest chance of rain for the day. They will be scattered in nature, so for some, even Saturday morning is dry. Sunday is likely to only see clouds & sprinkles. Neither day is washed out.

Enjoy your Wednesday!