2 Days Away

Wow, anticipation killing you yet like it is me? Lets Goooooooooooo… and get this Drive for Five mission completed!  Hard to believe we’re now just two days out from the Superbowl kickoff. With that in mind, it also means the weekend is upon us, and we should chat about the weather, shall we?

First off, it seems like Punxsutawney Phil and Ms. G have had the right idea, allowing for winter to linger around. Well, at least the last couple of days have felt that way as highs today we hard pressed to hit the lower 30s. I don’t expect much of a difference tomorrow either. Highs should sneak to about 30 degrees after starting the day off in the teens. Add in a breeze, and morning wind chills run 5-10 degrees and run about 15-20 in the afternoon. Not dangerously cold, but cold enough to remind you that we’re smack dab in the middle of winter.

The breeze remains active on Sunday, however, this time, it’s from the southwest. That direction will add about 10 degrees to temps, putting the numbers closer to 40 by mid to later afternoon. While I can’t rule out a flurry, much of the day is dry and that means there shouldn’t be any travel issues to and from those Superbowl parties. If finding space in your fridge is an issue for all the food and beverages, my suggestion is to leave some of those beverages on the deck or patio. With temps running in the low to mid 30s in the early evening, that should work out just fine!

While Monday offers a quiet day, Tuesday and Wednesday won’t.

Initially, the air in place is cold enough to support snow breaking out on Tuesday, but with a storm track to our west, the easterly breeze combined with warming air aloft will change that snow over to a mix by Tuesday evening, and eventually over to rain overnight Tuesday or Wednesday. Cold air hangs on the longest across northern Mass and southern NH, where some freezing rain may linger into early Wednesday. While it’s not a huge snow event, shovels and plows may be need for a time Tuesday north of the Pike, especially over northern Mass and southern NH. For many towns in eastern Mass, the rain will come with a gusty wind on Wednesday and temps well into the 40s if not 50s.

Enjoy the weekend and Goooooooooooooo Pats!

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