Today is “day 2” of a potential heat wave.  If you recall from last month (May 17-19th), it takes 3 consecutive days of 90°+ to make a heat wave.  Now it all comes down to tomorrow’s high temp, if this stretch of “hot” will be our 2nd heat wave of 2017:

If this heat wave does verify with “Day 3” tomorrow, this will be the 1st time in recorded history that Boston has had two heat waves before June 14th.  In other words, this would be the earliest 2nd heat wave in recorded history… Just in case you love the “historical stats” thing… and if you do, then you’re in luck!  Here’s another one for you:  Worcester tied the record high of 90° today, previously recorded back in 1973.  No record for Boston:

I do have 90° in my forecast for tomorrow, but there’s still a chance that Boston doesn’t make it there.  Whether or not we get to 90° on Tuesday, it’s still a HOT and HUMID day.  Today the humidity was manageable, with dewp’s in the low 60s.  Tomorrow, the dewp goes up to around 70° (tropical).  No way around that one; the frizz factor will be a major factor for the next couple of days.

Tuesday is also our “weather aware” day, when we’ll all keep an eye and an ear to the sky.  A cold front will move in from the north and eventually usher in some cooler and drier air.  However, as that front moves through, it could make a lot of noise.  These storms/showers will be isolated in nature, and scattered rather than widespread.  The best chance for these storms will be south of the Mass Pike between 4-8pm.  Some of these storms could prove to be on the stronger side and perhaps even severe.  The main impacts would be heavy rain, lightning, hail and damaging wind gusts.  As always, we’ll be keeping a close eye on Tuesday’s forecast for you.  Al;ways keeping “an eye to the sky!”

Wednesday – Friday are MUCH cooler, with highs back in the low to mid 70s… and that doesn’t include the coastline.  An onshore breeze will keep the coast in the 60s for this timeframe… and will certainly feel MUCH cooler than today, tomorrow and Tuesday.

If you have tomorrow to enjoy another beach day, have at it!  But just be “weather aware” into the afternoon.  As we always say during the summer:  “When thunder roars, go indoors.”

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