Fall Feel Sticks Around Tuesday

If you liked Monday’s low humidity, low heat, breezy, fall-feel, you’ll most certainly like what Tuesday’s forecast has in store.

Overnight into early Tuesday, we’ll see lows slip into the mid to upper 50s in the suburbs, near 60 closest to the coastline.  Clouds will slide in with a slight chance for a passing sprinkle early tomorrow morning, otherwise most spots will be dry.

Tuesday features high temperatures into the low to mid 70s.  We’ll start off with clouds for most and a chance for spotty sprinkles during morning commute, mainly closest to the coast, with some sunny breaks by the afternoon.

Wednesday features a warm-up as a warm front sweeps through.  This front will also be the leading edge to the humidity as well as the return of some showers and thunderstorms on and off through Wednesday.

Highs on Wednesday will stretch into the low to mid 80s, with dewpoints near 70.

The return to some summery heat and humidity will be short-lived as a cold front kicks out the humidity by Thursday, allowing for a much more comfortable airmass to take over for the foreseeable future.


Plus, that comfortable airmass also features little to no rain for the weekend forecast, along with ample amounts of sunshine for both weekend days…we haven’t seen that for quite some time.

We have to soak up the nice summery weekends while we can since Labor Day Weekend is just two weeks away.  Enjoy!