Hold On to Your New Pats Hats

The day was more about celebrating, rather than the weather – but we still had some wintry weather to deal with along with the celebrations.  Either way – an epic day, right?!  February 7th, 2017 – officially New England Patriots Day.

As we head into this evening and continue the celebration, we also continue with a bit of that wintry weather.  Along and east of the I-95 corridor, temps are too mild for any slick spots (but there are still piles of slush in spots which could make for slick walking – so do what I do, and do the “stingray shuffle”).  West N & W of 128, there is still some cold air lingering.  This is where there is still the concern for freezing drizzle into the overnight hours – which is why the Winter Weather Advisory remains in effect through 3am Wednesday.  Slick travel is a good likelihood tonight – so please use caution and slow your roll.

Where are my friends that are rooting for an early spring?!  Oh yeah, I know you’re out there – especially if you’re one of the dedicated Pats fans who stood out in the cold and wet weather today.  Well, tomorrow is your day!  Slowly but surely, the temps will climb overnight into tomorrow morning and we’ll top out in the 50s for most tomorrow.  That means the snow and slush we have today will be torched tomorrow.  It will be breezy, even a bit windy tomorrow as well.  Early drizzle is in the forecast, followed by some afternoon sunshine.  Soak it up… because… winter is back with a vengeance on Thursday.

Where are my friends that are rooting for a good snowstorm?!  Oh yeah, I know you’re out there – because you’ve been hitting me up on social media all season long; some even offering bribes for snow (which I obviously can’t accept, because I don’t control the weather).  :c)  Well, Thursday is your day!  This snow storm will form with some energy on the tail end of our cold front moving through tomorrow, and intensify as it comes off the coast of the Mid Atlantic.  This system’s track will be to our southeast, but it’s close enough to give us widespread snow.  PLUS – after our spring-like day Wednesday, the cold air comes surging back in to set us up for some “fluff-factor.”  Here we go…

Timeline:  7am to 7pm Thursday with the heaviest snow from around mid-morning into the beginning of the evening commute.

Temps:  Mid to upper 20s across the board.  It’s COLD.

Wind:  ENE to the NE and eventually to the N and NW (as the storm departs).  Gusts could get up to 40-50mph for the South Shore, Cape and islands.

Coastal Concerns:  Not too much concern with this one, as the seas and surf are not expected to be too high.  Still, some minor splashover/flooding is possible for the “usual suspects” along the South Shore.

Snow:  Snow for everyone.  No more of this “messy mix” business.  We’re talking snow, and a good amount of it.  There will very likely be some heavier pockets/bands of snow that set up – but exactly where that happens is still TBD.  Could be some isolated areas that come closer to 12″ – and we’ll keep you posted as details become clearer.  For now, there’s this:

Also, the National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Watch for Wednesday night through the day on Thursday: