Summer? Is that you in the Forecast?

Seems like a crazy title for a blog when this was clearly a very FALL-like day.  Most of started with frost this morning, and even some spots dropping into the mid to upper 20s (Norwood, Bedford).  Brrrr!!  Has the extra blanket gone onto the bed yet?  Have you had to turn on the heat yet?  This morning was the coldest it’s been since May 16th.  Despite the ample sunshine today, temps were still a touch below normal for this time of year.  Boston didn’t even make it up to 60°!  Very fall-like indeed!  A crisp feel to the air, perfect for sipping a warm beverage on a patio and people-watching (well, now you know what I did before work).

This time of year, it can be a little tricky to get dressed for the day.  Sometimes you’ll find that you really DID need that jacket you failed to bring along, and other times you’ll find that you wish you hadn’t worn the matching hat/scarf combo (because once the hat goes on… it really can’t come off #hathead).  It’s best this time of year to dress in layers.  Today, you needed all of the layers all throughout the day.  Tomorrow, you’ll want to be able to shed some layers by the afternoon.  By Tuesday and Wednesday… you’ll just want a t-shirt.  More details on that in a moment.  We’re in for a warming trend, and the trend starts tomorrow.

Before we get to forecast details, a super-moon side-note:  Have you seen the Full Hunter’s Moon yet?!  It was gorgeous last night, and it’s even better tonight!!  Make sure you check it out, and also check out Rob Eicher’s blog on tonight’s super-moon.  Rob’s blogs are always really interesting and educational.  He’s like “Rob Nye the Other Science Guy.”  Don’t miss it (the moon or the blog)!  :c)  While Rob always provides a great explanation of how things work, I pride myself on my use of GIFs.

Overnight lows will not be as chilly as they were last night.  This is thanks to the wind direction shifting; from out of the NW today to out of the SW by tomorrow.  The SW flow will bring us some warmer temps for the second half of the weekend, and as if it could get any better – we still have mostly sunny skies to “sweeten the deal.”  Highs for Sunday will be in the upper 60s to near 70° with a light breeze.  The forecast for Gillette really could not be any better for TB12’s return home.  There will be a light breeze tomorrow, but as I explained to someone on Twitter earlier tonight, it’s a “watch the napkins” kind of breeze… but your Pat’s hat should stay on just fine.  GO PATS!

We could get a few scattered showers in here overnight Sunday into very early Monday morning.  This will not be beneficial rainfall, however.  These showers come along with a cold front, but the colder air behind the front just sort of cruises on by without settling into the area.  Highs on Monday will be in the low 70s… highs on Tuesday and Wednesday near 80°!!  That’s why this blog is titled, “Summer?  Is that YOU?!”  Near-record highs are expected both days… but here are the records (and forecast highs) for Tuesday:  Got any “sick” days left in the year?  This would be the week to use them!

The end of the extended is a little tricky to nail down…  While I do expect “unsettled” weather to enter into the picture maybe as early as Thursday, it’s tough to say WHEN exactly showers are expected and HOW MUCH.  Still early, and the forecast could still change.  However I will say if you’re a sun-worshipper like I am, you’ll really want to soak up the SUNrays on SUNday.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend.  – Breezy