Tuesday-Wednesday Wintry Mix

The last two Super Bowl games (2015, 2016) were followed by a #snowday on Monday… to give us all a day to recover, probably!  Well, that’s not going to happen again this year; #sorry #justthemessenger.  Better to plan ahead and make sure you don’t party too hard tonight, so you can make it to the start of the work week tomorrow with a semi-clear head.  It will be a sunny start to the work week, but some colder air is working in overnight tonight that will make for a chilly Monday.  Highs tomorrow top out in the upper 20s to mid 30s with a chilly breeze out of the west.

Really though, all of our focus is on the messy mix for Tuesday – Wednesday.  Here are the details:

WHEN:  Snow moves in Tuesday morning and could slow things down for the morning commute.  This is when cold air is in place, and we’re getting snow accumulation.  Through the day on Tuesday, the snow will transition to a wintry mix; sleet and even freezing rain away from the coast.  A cold rain is expected for the immediate coastline, SE Mass, Cape and islands.  By midnight Wednesday (late Tuesday night), we should all be transitioning over to a cold rain – with the milder air working in – and this all wraps up by midday Wednesday, leaving us with a windy (but dry)  afternoon.

WHERE:  As it has been with our last few storms that have been a messy-mix like this is expected to be, we’ll get higher snow totals to the north and west – where the cold air hangs on the longest.

We’re also expecting ice accretion (ice “accretes,” while snow “accumulates”) far inland.  As you might expect, elevation will add to the concern for an icy glaze.  Worcester Hills and the Berkshires could see ice accretion of 0.10″ – 0.20″.  It doesn’t take much to make for slick surfaces, so this is a “heads up” to keep an eye on the temperature during that Tuesday afternoon/evening commute.  Even if the air temp reads 33°, even 34° that temperature is taken about two meters off the ground —> the surface however, could be at freezing and could be icy.

As I mentioned before, milder air is working in as this system moves through and Wednesday’s highs could be into the 50s for most!  That’s typical New England weather for you; nothing “typical” about it.  We get the cold air back in for Thursday, and we’ll also be watching Thursday too for a “close call” with a system to the south.  This could mean snow showers for the South Coast, Cape and islands.  As always, we’ll keep you posted.

Now, I gotta get back to my job… keeping an eye on the forecast, of course.  #DoYourJob #GoPats  – Breezy