Tug Of War

Warm….Chilly…Mild….Cool….Warm…Mild…Chilly….That has been our general temperature theme the past week or so. From November 7th-18th, temps were below normal—a healthy stretch considering at one point we were on pace for the warmest fall on record but since, no pattern has stepped up—just a lot of back and forth—tug of war if you will! Looking ahead for the next 6-8 days it is more of the same…..back and forth (I guess technically it’s more up & down when talking about temperature) and then around December 7th, the pattern looks like it will lock into cold and perhaps stay there right through the Holidays. This is the ECMWF (European Computer Model) temperature forecast for December 12th:

The blue/green colors indicating below normal temps for much of the eastern United States. This colder pattern appears to have the backing of many computer models, which is mainly why it appears in this blog…pattern advertising with limited support is (in my opinion) click bait. While a colder than normal pattern is advertised, there is no mention of this also meaning a snowy pattern…as it doesn’t. Too difficult to see any signals for snow showing up in this cold pattern…..it could just end up cold & dry for several days. Perhaps more is revealed as we roll into December.

Speaking of dry, that’s what much of the week offers…dry weather. A few showers are likely Friday morning but nothing significant at this point.