Today was warmer than yesterday by 10-plus degrees in some towns, but it wasn’t just the air temperature that was better, the wind chills that were in the teens and 20s yesterday made it to near 40° today. And our warm up doesn’t stop there. We were in the 30s yesterday, 40s today, and we’ll do the 50s tomorrow! Clouds will increase through the day and you’ll notice a southwest breeze at times. That’s all ahead of showers that will arrive tomorrow evening, after sunset.

The rain will move out for Saturday and we have a pretty nice weekend in store. It’s not perfect, but it’s decent. We’ll deal with a lot of clouds this weekend and each day features a chance for rain, but it’s not a total washout and you’ll be able to pick and choose some dry hours each day.

Saturday’s rain chance is very low. The general trend is the farther north your travel, the higher likelihood you’ll encounter a passing shower. Even there, they’ll be passing showers and it’s not even close to an all day rain.

Sunday is cloudier and bit cooler than Saturday. Sunday morning looks try for everyone with rain chances increasing as the day goes on. It’s most likely closer to sunset, so if you want to get outside Sunday your morning hours look good, and probably until even 2-3pm. Then rain chances will increase through the evening and the rain will stick with us overnight and into Monday as well.

The wettest part of that incoming system looks to be the overnight hours Sunday into Monday. There’s just marginally cold enough air in place so it should be a cold rain for most of us, maybe some very minor mixing across the higher terrain but it’s most likely in Northern New England.

By Monday we’re on the backside of the system, but that doesn’t mean it’s dry. We will slowly see the rain become more scattered as the day goes on Monday. As the low pressure center moves away from us, it will wrap in colder air on the backside of it, so by Monday afternoon, we could see the rain end as a few snow showers for everyone.

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