Clouds have taken over the skies today along with a few scattered showers. The showers we have now are light to moderate but they’re about to get a lot heavier later this evening and overnight. As the rain intensity picks up the wind will pick up as well. The below highlights are general thoughts that apply to most of us, we’ll break it down a bit more afterward. For most of us with rain will end and the wind will back down around noon tomorrow. A little earlier in Worcester County and a little later for the Cape.


While the storm is bringing rain and wind, the heavy rain is probably the bigger story. Most of us are in line for 1-3″ of rain between now and when the rain exits Friday. The Cape may end up just below and inch and some towns in Worcester County may end up with totals slightly over 3″. Those measurements will be isolated by entirely possible.

The main threat with the rain of course will be the potential for flooding. We won’t see any widespread flooding but it’s possible some small creeks and streams rise rather quickly and some urban street flooding as well. If you can go out now before the heavy rain arrives and make sure the storm drain in front of your house is clear of debris it’ll help things out. We’re early in the leaf season in southern New England, but some leaves have started to come down and those could clog storm drains.


Wind gusts will continue to increase, especially on the coast. Wind gusts for most will be noticeable but not overly damaging. For example, a 30-35 mph wind gust has the potential to knock down leaves and small twigs. At 40-50 mph patio furniture will blow around, small branches will break and some tree damage is possible. By 50-60 mph gusts, tree damage becomes more likely and we start talking about the possibility of power outages.

There is a wind advisory where we expect wind to be strongest: Cape Ann, Cape Cod, South Coast and the Islands.

Once we get through Friday, we’ll look forward to a BEAUTIFUL weekend with sunshine returning for Saturday and Sunday with temperatures climbing above average — to near 70°.

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