Eye on the Eclipse: Eclipse glasses in high demand

With interest in Monday’s solar eclipse soaring, special eclipse viewing glasses have become quite the hot commodity around the country and in Boston this week. Glasses for safely viewing the eclipse are going, going, gone from places like the Boston Public Library.

“At this point, they’ve all been given away,” says Laura Koenig, team leader for children’s services at the Boston Public Library’s main branch.

With the entire country getting ready for the eclipse, the demand for glasses is sky high.

“In the last two weeks, we have had a really large number of inquiries across the system,” Koenig says.

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You can still purchase glasses online, but make sure the ones you get meet safety standards. Not doing so, can put your eyes at risk.

“There have been stories about fake eclipse glasses that are not adequate [or] up to the task of protecting your eyes,” says Museum of Science Planetarium Presenter Talia Sepersky. “So make sure you are getting reputable ones.”

If you can’t get your own, many organizations are holding on to a select number of glasses for their own viewing events. If you secure a spot at one of those events, you’ll be able to safely get a glimpse of this upcoming celestial rarity.

Organizers at the library say it will be a great chance to share a family-friendly experience.

“You don’t get to see space science directly very often,” says Koenig. “This is a really special way to get kids to talk about science and get to see it in front of them.”

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