Won’t Get Fooled Again

Another day, another burst of snow. I anticipated a little mix, but not 2-3 inches in as many hours! This tiny, tricky system put down some early afternoon snow that had cars sliding off roads and people cursing Old Man Winter…and the weather folk.

Cold pocket of air was sucked into this system because of the intensity of the precipitation. I liken it to pressing down on a waterbed. Once the precipitation lets up (or you lift your hand off the waterbed) all is normal again. Which is what happened by middle afternoon in many spots along the coast as we switched to rain.

Elsewhere, with temperatures still hovering near freezing, and another small batch of precipitation heading in, there could be some glaze or renewed snow.

So let’s get on with the warmup.We’ll get a little taste tomorrow with full late-February sun. Highs will jump to the mid 40s in some cases! Sun gives way to clouds too.

The only caveat to the warmup is a batch of snow/mix/ice that comes in tomorrow evening. There’s another potential for a quick burst of snow in here that could see a couple inches. I’ve outlined the potential in pink:

I know, can’t even warm it up without snow coming through. But I don’t see any worries into Friday morning’s commute. That should be damp and quiet. Afternoon turns milder, but wind and rain take over. Highs on this day spike to the low 50s – 40s in Southern NH as the cold will be a little more stubborn there.

Saturday is the gem of the week. Full sun, mild temps. Ahh…REAL spring as highs climb into the low 50s.

See you at the car wash.