Charlie Baker and his wife Lauren cast their votes in Swampscott on Tuesday.

The Republican candidate for governor said he was feeling good about the response he received from voters as the campaign drew to a close.

“I’m really pleased by the vibe we’ve been getting for the past couple months. I think people have really been responding to our agenda with respect to jobs and schools and strengthening communities,” Baker said.

Baker did some last-minute campaigning in West Roxbury, a traditionally Democratic area. Unlike four years ago when he lost to Deval Patrick, Baker said he made a bigger effort to campaign in urban neighborhoods and democratic strongholds.

That may have paid off in West Roxbury, where the Democratic State Rep said he was supporting Baker.

“I was honestly trying to hold back, but I think Charlie’s worked this neighborhood, West Roxbury, a lot harder than the other candidate and he really earned the vote of the community,” said Rep. Ed Coppinger.

“We got the endorsements of a ton of local officials out in Western Mass., mostly, almost exclusively Democrats and independents,” Baker said.

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