Cold Air and Nothing More

Since the tuck rule game against Da Raidaaaaas in January 2002, the Pats have won 12 out of 15 home playoff games.  Two of those three loses handed to us by the Ravens.  So it’s understandable if some of you upon a midnight dreary, pondered weak and weary over many a quaint and curious volume of lore on this match-up.  At least know the weather shouldn’t be much of a factor, as it’s just cold, and nothing more.

Ok, ok, different Raven… I’ll snap out of the Edgar Allen Poe mode.

While it may be a frigid game, it won’t be the truly arctic air we experienced in 2004.  That game against the Titans was the coldest in history at Gillette as kickoff temperatures were 4 degrees and a wind chill hovered around -10.   Fast forward 11 years later and we’re expecting a kickoff temperature around 20 and a wind chill between 5-10 above zero.  For you tailgaters…. at least the sun’s out!

Temps are numbingly cold tonight, dropping to the single digits in the burbs and teens into the city.  We’ll warm up just a bit tomorrow as temperatures nudge the 30 degree mark as that slightly milder air also comes in with increasing clouds through the day. 

Those clouds foreshadow the next incoming system to drop snow and mixed precipitation for Monday.  While it won’t be a big storm, it’ll be enough slow things down of the roads.  Rain drops and sleet pellets may mix in with the snow close to Boston, but for the city and much of MetroWest, a coating to a couple inches of snow is likely.  Farther northwest, near 495 and out through the higher terrain of Worcester County and southwestern New Hampshire, 2-4″ of snow is possible.  Buzzards Bay/Cape & Islands…. you’ll see more drops that flakes.

The rest of the week looks quiet as the Thursday-Friday storm looks too far south to impact us at this point.

Enjoy the weekend and goooooooooooo Pats!!!!!!! Quoth the Belichick, ‘the Ravens season is Nevermore’