Fall River man charged in death of mother, abuse of sisters

A Fall River man was charged after prosecutors said he murdered his mother and abused his sisters who had mental disabilities.

Police said Antonio Branco was the caretaker for his 78-year-old mother. Back in April, he brought his mother to St. Anne’s Hospital, where she died days later. Police said she had been starved and neglected and had been taken to the doctor in at least 10 years.

When police went to Branco’s home, they said they found his two sisters, ages 56 and 49. Both women had allegedly been locked inside the house and were beaten and bruised. Police said one of the women said Branco hit them all the time.

Branco’s defense attorney, who was also his high school teacher, denied the accusations. Gerald Gunner said Branco had been committed to caring for his family.

Branco is being held without bail. His sisters have been placed in an assisted-living facility.