HINGHAM, MASS. (WHDH) - Soni Baker and her friend Heather Eaton were sitting in the middle of the Apple store Monday when an SUV crashed through the window, hitting the two 21-year-olds.

Baker was injured in the crash, and she spoke on the moments where she struggled to process exactly what was happening.

“I didn’t know if there was a bomb. I don’t know if someone was shooting at the store. But I remember I turned around and it was just like pssssh!,” Baker said. “I remember seeing the glass shatter, and like everything– It was insane, like it looked like I was watching– I thought the whole store was like exploding, like erupting.”

Baker said her back had been to the window, and she blacked out. Eaton is still in the hospital, but her aunt and grandmother said Heather told them what she saw.

“Heather saw the car coming towards them and said it looked like he was driving erratic, trying to hit people,” Susan Eaton, Heather’s aunt said. “That was her take of it.”

“She was thrown against the wall, and debris all over her and the next thing she knew everything was gray,” Susan said. “So she’s not sure if she passed out. But she couldn’t move so she woke up screaming help, for help.”

With Tuesday’s arrest, Heather’s family and Baker said they are concentrating on their recoveries from spinal injuries and broken bones, and feeling lucky to be alive.

“‘Cause I’m here,” Baker said, “and a lot worse could have happened.”

Baker added that the ‘find my iPhone’ feature shows her phone is still in the store where the crash happened.

Eaton’s family said when she woke up inside the store, a nurse was helping her. The nurse was apparently another customer, whose help the family said they are thankful for.

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