Happy Spring!

Spring officially began overnight last night, at 12:30am.  Did you feel it arrive???  No, not really – Considering it was very chilly all day today, below normal, with our afternoon highs stuck in the 30s for most.  Now, let’s talk about snow…  Spring?  Is that you??  Not yet.

Snow arrives late tonight, around midnight for most, and will continue through mid-day tomorrow.  This has been a very frustrating and tricky storm to forecast!  Trust me, we’re doing our best to give you the most accurate forecast possible.  It would be nice if the forecast models had come into line much sooner!  Numbers have gone up, down, up, and then down again… all because of that wobbly track.  It has been a challenging forecast, indeed.  Here’s some good news though:  Winds will be fairly modest with this one, and the strongest wind out of the NE (30-40mph gusts) coincide with LOW tide, rather than high tide… So, we’re not really concerned about coastal flooding.  

Nevertheless, the timing is not ideal.  It’s not ideal to have snow during a Monday morning commute – and it’s also not ideal to have snow in spring!  However, it’s happened before!  J.R. told me last year, "Usually after St. Patrick’s Day, we’re in the clear."  The operative term there being "usually."  A little trip down memory lane:  There was a snow storm ON St. Paddy’s of 2007, which was during our last El Nino winter.  That storm brought about 8" of snow to Boston.  Then of course, no one can forget the April Fool’s Day Blizzard in 1997.  That storm brought around 2 FEET of snow to many, and left thousands without power.  Also, in MAY (yes, MAY!) of 1977 some areas picked up almost a foot of snow!  So, as you can see, snow in spring is nothing new to New England… It’s just not ideal.  

As your struggling through your Monday (tomorrow), just remember:  Spring-like weather will arrive soon enough, and we’ll be all the more excited when it does arrive!  – Breezy