"This is a strange election, isn’t it? Man!" said Donald Trump.
Yes it is … And tonight could be a strange debate.

Don’t worry, Donald Trump — as usual — will be attacking, with Dr. Ben Carson and Florida Senator Marco Rubio his likely targets:
"These are people with no experience, these are people who never met a payroll," said Trump.

But Trump isn’t Carson’s biggest problem … explaining his past is. It’s been hammered by the media, and Carson is hammering back:
"This is just stupid," said Carson.  "And I mean if our media is no better investigating than that, it’s sick."
Marco Rubio has climbed to third in the national polls, after embarrassing Jeb Bush in the last debate.
"Someone has convinced you that attacking me is going to help you," Rubio said to Bush.

Obviously anticipating more attacks from Bush tonight, Rubio put out a new ad today showing how Bush used to feel about him:
"I’m a huge Mario fan," Bush says in the ad.  "He’s probably the most articulate conservative on the scene today, and has the fortitude to be a good president."

Bush’s new campaign theme is "Jeb can fix it" and one of his biggest fixes is how he debates.

Speaking with students, he suggested part of his problem has been the debate moderators:
‘By the way, the three questions," Bush said. "They’re better than the moderator debate questions that exits, just saying."

The biggest loser in the last debate may have been its sponsor — CNBC. Tonight, rival Fox Business News promises a different debate:
"What we have to do as moderators is make sure we’re asking the adult kind of questions without any agenda, but without doing so snidely," said Fox Business News moderator Neil Cavuto.

We’ll see.

I’m sure there will be plenty of questions about the economy and policy.  But given the stakes for so many of the candidates, I’ll be surprised if they don’t ask a few "gotcha" questions of each other.

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