Let's face it…practice does not make perfect. If it did then the next 4 days would offer sunshine, light winds, low humidity and ideal temps. I do think the next 3 days will offer that type of weather and it starts with today and concludes on Monday (Sunday too). Unfortunately, it's tomorrow—the 4th…..biggest New England holiday that doesn't include a jolly fat man & bags of toys (if it does, call the cops, cuz that's #Shade). I'm talking July 4th Holiday.

Tomorrow, the 4th, will offer some early morning sun (good parade weather) but otherwise mostly cloudy skies for much of the day. Earlier in the week I blogged about a weather system that would creep on us but only in the form of clouds. It now appears that system is a creeping closer to us and that will likely bring a few isolated showers up into southern New England late tomorrow afternoon & evening. Areas most likely to see the raindrops will be SE MA while locations across southern NH are likely to stay dry all day & night. Metro Boston you can plan on a bunch of clouds and perhaps some late day-early evening sprinkles but that's about it. Outdoor plans should be ok just not the best of afternoons at the beaches. Evening fireworks won't be washed but pack the rain gear just in case your beach or town gets tagged with one of those isolated showers.

In any event, we are right back into full sunshine for Sunday & Monday with temps in the low 80s.

Enjoy your holiday weekend!


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