Red Sox launch ‘Wally’s Math Academy’ to help educators connect math with baseball

BOSTON (WHDH) - Wally the Green Monster is stepping out of the ballpark to teach math to middle and elementary school children.

The Red Sox mascot made a guest appearance at the Trotter Innovation School in Dorchester to launch “Wally’s Math Academy.”

“It allows kids to get more exposed to baseball, but also gives teachers an opportunity to use baseball as a tool for developing math skills, as well,” said Adam Grossman, chief marketing officer for the Red Sox.

The hope is that Wally’s new online sports lesson plan will help gain the attention of middle school-aged students and help them to succeed in school.

“This is taking baseball and applying math concepts to baseball, so every day after our games, there will be math worksheets that are turned out based on last night’s games,” Grossman said.

While students expand their knowledge of math, they will also build a stronger connection to the team.

“It’s a game of math. It would be great to connect our players and our team with the fundamentals of math,” Grossman said. “Make it more exciting for kids to learn math skills in the classroom.”