Snow Ushers Back The Arctic Air

Temps this afternoon reached the middle to upper 30s for many, although it was tough to enjoy the “warmer” weather thanks to a wind that was cranking at 30-40mph at times with higher gusts. In fact, Blue Hill in Milton had a wind gust to 62mph.  While it was 20 degrees warmer today than yesterday, the milder air is short-lived and departs us this evening. 

In addition to colder air moving in, we have to track some evening snow, some icy spots and bitter winds.   Snow this evening is light to moderate with a general coating to 2″.  Although an inch or two of snow doesn’t sound like a big deal, it’ll create a few headaches on the roads.  With temps warming up above freezing today, the initial flakes that fall tend to melt on the roads, turning the roads wet.  As temps drop below freezing, those wet roads see icy spots develop and even turn a bit snow covered.  Most of the snow is done by 10:00PM, but still could linger a bit longer across far SE Mass and the Cape/Islands.

Back to the bitter cold air tomorrow with highs a couple degrees either side of 20 and wind chills in the morning below 0.  In fact, We’ll start the day in Worcester County with wind chills at -10 to -20.

7day forecast features no big storms at this point as a coastal low stays a few hundred miles too far south and east on Wednesday.  By Saturday, we’ll have a chance of some snow, ice and even rain, but it doesn’t appear to be a big storm at this point.