The son of former Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker has cut a deal after he was arrested for operating under the influence in Lynnfield earlier this month. 

Andrew “AJ” Baker was arrested by state police on Route 128 on May 13. In court on May 15, prosecutors said Baker told police he was driving home from Salem, where he had been golfing and drinking. 

Peabody police officers who responded said they saw signs Baker was intoxicated. According to a police report, a breathalyzer also showed Baker’s blood alcohol content was .15 — nearly twice the legal limit in Massachusetts.

Dashcam video from another driver separately showed what state police said was Baker, 29, on the road in his car. The car was seen hitting a curb and nearly going off the road. At one point, the car also swerved into oncoming traffic. 

Under the terms of the deal approved by prosecutors and a judge on Tuesday, Baker will receive one year of probation. He will also lose his license for 45 days and be fined $600, including $250 to pay for a 16 week alcohol education course run by the Registry of Motor Vehicles. 

If Baker follows the terms of the deal and avoids any more trouble for the next year, the arrest will be wiped from his record. 

If Baker is arrested at any time in the next year for drunk driving, though, the case would be reinstated and the new case would be considered a second OUI with the potential for more serious consequences. 

Baker’s attorney said at his client’s arraignment that he hoped to get something agreed to before his next scheduled appearance next month. 

The Essex County District Attorney addressed the deal on Tuesday, telling 7NEWS “This is, by far, the most common disposition for first-time offenders.”

Veteran drunk driving defense attorneys speaking with 7NEWS also agreed, saying the Baker’s deal is the kind of agreement someone would likely get whether they’re a former governor’s son or not. 

Baker’s attorney did not return calls for comment.

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