Crazy day yesterday with not one but two storms that had rotation strong enough to prompt the National Weather Service to issue tornado warnings–thankfully, no tornadoes. Whew. That weather system has found a home just south of New England this morning and will stay there for several days. This system has weakened so I'm not thinking severe weather or even rain but I do think we'll contend with patches of clouds from time to time. Plan on a mix of clouds & sun today and that sunshine will boost temps up near 80. Much less humid too. Great beach day.

As for the Holiday weekend, much the same. Clouds & sun tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday. Saturday might be a day where those cloud patches are quite thick—and block out the sun, especially along the South Coast, Cape, Islands. No rain from those clouds but not an ideal beach day either. Sunday we see bright sunshine make a return to much of southern New England. Temps over the Holiday Weekend will be seasonably warm, reaching the low 80s on the sunny days (Friday, Sunday) and upper 70s on Saturday (the partly cloudy day). Little to no humidity means nighttime temps can find a home in the 50s (When humidity is present, the ultraviolet radiation from the sun gets absorbed by the water molecules then those molecules radiate heat overnight. #ScienceRocks).

If this is your last blog of the week, be safe, have fun & enjoy celebrating the birthday of the greatest country in the world. Bar none.


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