In her fifth day on the witness stand Kat McDonough continued to discuss her sex life with accused murderer Seth Mazzaglia and how it may have lead to Lizzi Marriott’s death.

Under questing from the defense, McDonough denied that she was the dominant figure in her relationship and explained why he had scratches and bite marks on his body.

“I know I’ve heard songs that say ‘leave him scratches down your back’ I always just thought it was just a part of sex that, that’s just what I thought,” she said.

The defense claims it was McDonough who killed Marriott during a night of rough sex in 2012.

McDonough pled guilty to conspiracy last summer and is serving a shortened prison sentence even though she admits she helped Mazzaglia dump Marriott’s body.

In return she is testifying as a prosecution witness, she told the jury Mazzaglia was a controlling lover who got angry when she wouldn’t do what he wanted sexually.

“I felt inadequate, I felt like he wanted all these other women because I could not please him the way he wanted to be pleased,” she said.

McDonough also admitted that she lied to police in order to protect 31-year-old Mazzaglia.

She will be on the witness stand again Tuesday to face more questions from the defense attorney.

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