I haven’t said this in a long time:  Mitt happens!

And today he happened again, though I’m not sure he’s going to get the political happening he wants.

Romney–who must imagine himself an elder statesman of the G.O.P–calls Trump a "phony" and a "fraud"…Which is exactly what he was called when he ran for president, and lost.

And, as for Trump "playing the American public for suckers," how about using the word "voters?"

Trump is winning because he’s getting more votes than any of the Republicans Romney wants in the White House.

Aren’t votes what elections are supposed to be about?

And voters aren’t suckers–they’re the DNA of our Democracy.

Romney also claims that nominating Trump would guarantee Hillary Clinton will be elected president.

The truth is she may be elected no matter who the Republican candidate is.

Here’s what the Democratic Party had to say:

"So the man who called for self-deportation, said that African-Americans voted for President Obama because of ‘free stuff’, and called 47% of Americans freeloaders is going to give GOP frontrunner Donald Trump a lesson in sensitivity and compassion?"

I think that’s exactly right.

Even if Romney had the right message, he’s the wrong messenger.

Whoever told him it would influence voters was wrong.

If he thought it himself, he was vain.

Sorry, Mitt, if you think this is all a cheap shot, because that’s what I thought your speech was.

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