After a week-long hiccup our pattern has righted itself with warmth, humidity and now the risk of some summer storms later today. Boo-ya. Yesterday there were thunderstorms out across eastern New York state and the weather system that popped those storms will drift across New England this afternoon. That weather system is too far away to tag us with storms this morning but an isolated shower/sprinkle is possible. The risk of storms will increase through the afternoon–especially after 4pm and also focused across central MA (read: Boston, South Shore, Cape stay dry for much of the afternoon). These storms will then move northeast into the Merrimack valley/NH Seacoast early this evening. Some of these storms may have strong wind (over 50mph) as well as small hail and of course frequent lightning. They will be hit-n-miss so don’t cancel outdoor plans, just keep the 7news weather app handy.

In any event, this weather system peels out of New England overnight taking the thunder threat and humidity with it. What this system will not remove from New England is warm air so plan on a bunch of midweek sunshine tomorrow with temps heading for the low to mid 80s. That humidity begins to creep on us Thursday so that means the risk of some isolated afternoon thunderstorms makes a return.

Happy It’s Not Monday Anymore!


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