Black Friday = Gray Friday

Feeling a little foggy after a stellar party (or epic dinner-table battle) with friends/family on Thanksgiving?  It’s easy to feel a little blue on these gray days, but it’s not helping that we’re also lacking in the sunshine/daylight department.  If you’re feeling a little down and not quite up to moving full-steam-ahead into “Holiday Mode,” there’s probably a good reason for that.  First, November is the cloudiest month of the year here in our area.  Second, even if we could see the sunshine, we’re just not getting a lot of it these days.  The sun is setting at 4:15pm and we’re less than a week away from our earliest sunset of the year:  4:12pm, from Dec. 2 – Dec. 13.  Some call it “solar winter” because we are moving through the darkest three months of the year… and the cloudiest month (as I just mentioned) currently.  If it’s a struggle to get going some mornings, you’re not alone!  I find that it helps to get a little extra exercise to get the blood flowing; even when going for a walk/run/jog/bike ride is the last thing you want to do, you will likely find that it makes you feel a little better.  Also, I was once gifted a “happy light” that helps me out; sort of tricking the body into think that we’re getting more sunlight than we actually are.  Maybe that’s on your gift list this year?  Here are a few options I found on Amazon:  Full Spectrum Happy Light.

Whether we like it or not, it is full-steam-ahead straight into winter.  There are holiday lights going up all over the place, Christmas trees being carefully selected, gifts being fought for and wrapped… leftovers being eaten.  But the current weather we’ve been experiencing isn’t so festive.  It’s not SUN and it’s not SNOW – and whichever side you prefer to be on, I think there are very few who would choose the gray, dreary days like today.  I don’t have any snow in my forecast (at least not for Southern New England), but I do have SUNSHINE on the horizon!  There may even be some peeks of sun tomorrow, more likely for the interior.  For the coastal areas, Cape Cod and the islands, we have a little more wet weather to get through.  A few light showers will move through tomorrow, prompting the need for an umbrella/hood once again – but NOT a washout.  There’s maybe another 0.10″ on the way for areas south and east of I-95.

Sunday there is more sunshine in store, but it’s breezy and cool.  Highs in the low 40s will feel like the 30s because of a brisk breeze out of the NW.  Monday features even MORE sunshine!  It doesn’t last for long though.  It looks like we’ve got a shot at some beneficial rainfall on the way for the middle of next week.  Just how much and the exact timing still needs to be ironed out, so stay tuned.  Have a great weekend and shop safely!  – Breezy