Cold Shoulder

October weather continues to give us the cold shoulder…..last week temps were way above normal and today through Saturday those temps will be below normal. In reality, this is what happens in a month…then when all these wild temps are averaged together then you get your *normal high* but rarely do you go through a month–let alone a week with just normal temps.

Anywho…..Another cold day tomorrow, especially during the morning commute. Check out the early morning temps (around 7am):
Those are some chilly numbers. Boston hasn’t seen a low temp in the 30s yet this fall. In fact, you have to go back to April 27th before you find a low temp for Boston in the 30s….#It’sBeenAWhile. The day offers more sunshine and a little less wind but the wardrobe should be out of the November closet as afternoon temps only reach the mid & upper 40s.

Thursday, our next storm heads this way by afternoon. Now, for most of us (certainly inside I-495) it’s a chilly rainstorm but out in central/western New England there will be some leftover chilly air. That means some wintry precipitation is likely at the start of the storm for an hour or three. This map shows where snow & sleet is likely to fall:
The ground is warm so travel is not an issue–even out in the Berkshires where snow flies for a few hours midday. Out there, coating-1″ likely on grassy surfaces. In that pink zone, some pockets of snow or sleet is likely to fall before changing to rain. The first sleet pellets/snowflakes (those little ball bearings of ice show up around 2-3pm and then flip to rain by 4-5pm. Again, roads will be wet, not icy. Nothing serious but rather a reminder that winter is likely to start earlier this go-around than the previous two winters.

The good news is that this is another thump of rain for our drought with most of us picking up an inch of rain by early Friday Morning. Skies partially clear out by afternoon with temps near 50. Milder (normal) temps should make a return by the end of the weekend. That means mid & upper 50s.

Layer up this evening, tomorrow morning.