Eclipse Day!

Eclipse day is here, and there’s lots of excitement to go around across the country as it’s the first total eclipse in 38 years (1979 eclipse was total across the far northwest) and first coast to coast (Oregon to South Carolina is path of totality) total eclipse across the U.S. since 1918.

So obviously, we don’t want enough clouds to obscure our view of it, as the partial eclipse maxes out in the Boston area around 2:47pm at 63%.  It’ll start at 1:28pm and end at 3:59pm. As it looks this morning, the viewing for the eclipse should overall be good with some cumulus clouds and high clouds in the mix. The cumulus field should be broken enough that you’ll catch the sun in and out between the puffy clouds and although the high level clouds don’t allow for completely blue skies, the milky veil of high clouds should be thin enough to let the sun through. It’ll be a warm one, mid to upper 80s. Don’t forget those protective glasses (sunglasses don’t cut it)!

Across the country, the viewing will be great along the path of totality in the Northwest. It’ll be fun to see the pics and videos to come of! On the map below, the blue is good, meaning the least amount of cloud cover.

If 63% coverage of the sun is not good enough for you in Boston, we’ll have an even better one for you on April 8th, 2024. That’s when we’ll catch 93% coverage of the sun as the path of totality goes across northern New England! Of course, the weather that time of year can be anywhere from snow to 90 degrees, so we’ll see what we can get :-).

Back in the near future, we crank the heat and humidity tomorrow with highs 85-90 and dewpoints running in the low 70s. An isolated storm is possible, but a higher risk for showers and storms arrives tomorrow night and early Wednesday. We start to lower the humidity Wednesday afternoon, and that sets up a September like feel to the air for the end of the weekend, into next weekend.

Have a great day!

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