Frigid to 50s

What a different scene today, compared to yesterday!  I’m sure there was lots of cleaning up done on this Sunday, as well as turning it into a “Sunday funday” for all of the kids (and kids at heart) that love to play in the snow.  With the frigid temps still with us, the snow is still light and fluffy; easy to move around.  If you turned today into more “fun” than “work,” you’ll want to do that snow cleanup sooner, rather than later, as it will turn into a wet/sloppy mess with a mid-week meltdown in store.

Tonight it’s all about the frigid temps:  Dropping into the single digits as the clouds clear out.  Some may even wake up to sub-zero temps tomorrow.  While we’ll start Monday with sunshine, clouds move in for the afternoon.  We don’t warm up much tomorrow either; only into the low 20s.  At least the wind will be much lighter tomorrow, compared to today.  It’s cold – but it’s not a blustery, “why does the air hurt my face” day.

For Tuesday it’s “back to normal” with temps gradually rising into the mid to upper 30s.  Mostly cloudy skies decorate much of this extended forecast, so there won’t be much sunshine to enjoy on Tuesday.  However, I think the precip holds off until after dark.  This could become a problem for the evening commute.  Even though there is milder air moving in, sometimes that cold is too stubborn to budge.  There could be some light snow showers and even some areas that get freezing rain (well into the interior), rather than just plain rain.  We’ll be keeping a close eye on this.

Temps continue to rise overnight Tuesday into Wednesday – and we’re headed for 50°!  Some early morning RAIN showers will be around, but we should be mostly dry into the afternoon.  Thursday is a similar story with mild temps into the low to mid 50s (!) and some scattered RAIN showers throughout the day, more likely in the morning hours.  While Friday appears to be another mild day, according to the 7on7 forecast, it’s mild to start before temps fall in the afternoon.  We haven’t made it to spring just yet, even though the middle of the week is a bit of a “spring tease.”  It’s back to winter for next weekend with some snow showers on the way Sunday.

Have a great week!  – Breezy