My First Flake

Yup – Today I put my first flake of the season up on the ol’ 7on7 Forecast!  Part of me is excited to get the winter season started – and the other part of me is nervous, not knowing exactly what to expect for the next 3-4 months!  I’ll try and harness some of my nervous energy and focus on the forecast for the week ahead…

The main theme of today was the chilly wind – and while it won’t be as windy tomorrow, there still will be a breeze into the overnight hours and through our Sunday.  Lows overnight into early tomorrow morning will be in the 20s for most.  Couple that with the breeze and wind chill indices, or the “real feel” temps will be in the TEENS.  High pressure is moving in for us which will bring SUN for SUNday.  How apropos!  For kick-off at Gillette, temps will be cool (40°) but it will be dry, and there will be less wind than today.  #GOPATS

NOW – Didn’t I mention that one f-word earlier?  Ah, yes.  Let’s get back to that little “Flake in the Forecast.”  This is NOT a significant snow event.  I repeat – NOT significant snow.  However, it’s worth allowing for some extra time and some pre-planning because of the timing of these flakes and the fact that this is one of the first winter-weather commutes of the season.  The timeline on this light snow will be Monday morning through mid-day.  While snowfall accumulations aren’t expected to be more than a coating to an inch, some of this snow will be sticking to the roads to make for slippery travel.  The other concern is that falling snow may reduce visibility.  No matter what, I’d allow for extra time for Monday morning – and take it easy yourself.

With this snowfall forecast, please understand that I do not expect the “1-2” area to be widespread.  That’s just the most likely area for isolated areas (think “higher terrain”) to pick up a little more.  The bottom line is, this is NOT a significant snow event.  Did I mention that before?

Temps stay below normal this entire week, and we’re watching another disturbance for the middle of the week (Wed/Thurs timeframe).  Could be some light wintry mix with this one before changing to rain, then maybe changing back to snow… Timing and details still TBD.

Have a great SUNday and GO PATS!  – Breezy