No one likes to work on a holiday weekend, but it will feel like a holiday in the weather department this weekend.  In other words, I have a pretty easy job for the next few days.

A cold front moved through the area early on Saturday.  With a cold front, you generally get showers and thunderstorms first, then the cooler weather.  Showers and thunderstorms…check!  Now that that’s out of the way, we can look forward to some pleasantly cool weather.  OK…admittedly, this is a “cold” front in name only.  The air behind the front really isn’t “cold” but it is much drier.  So, although there won’t be a drastic drop in temperatures, there will be a drastic drop in humidity, and the humidity stays low through the holiday weekend.

High temperatures will be in the mid 70s on Saturday for the Islands and the low to mid 80s for the rest of the area.  It will be a bit breezy, but it will be an offshore wind and overall you will find few things to complain about weather-wise.

Sunday will be a few degrees warmer.  Monday will be a few degrees warmer than that.  But again, the humidity stays low, so it will be comfortably warm by 4th of July standards.  There might be a few clouds around Monday evening into Tuesday morning as a rain storm passes by to our south.  However, the threat for rain stays to our south and right now there are no concerns for any of the fireworks displays Monday evening across New England.

Temperatures stay in check for Tuesday.  After that we crank up the heat AND the humidity!!  The 90s will be widespread outside of the Cape and the Islands on Wednesday and Thursday.  Thursday could end up being the hottest day of the year so far.

We have to wait until Friday for our next chance of rain.  A cold front will be the trigger for some showers and storms on Friday.  With plenty of humidity in the air and still some lingering heat, any storms will have lots of fuel to work with, so this will be a day to keep an eye on.

In the meantime, enjoy a beautiful holiday weekend!

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