WOW!  What a difference a day can make!!  A much more comfortable, more seasonable day with partly cloudy skies and less humidity.  If you liked today, you’ll love tomorrow!  We’ll keep the temps and dewpoints in check for another day… and then both start to creep up on Thursday before a potential “heat wave” for the weekend!  You ready?

Now, not to harp on the past, but I do want to make a point before we move on to details of the forecast.  After last night’s storms, the NWS confirmed that an EF0 tornado caused damage in New Sweeden, ME (way up north).   I mention this, because if you recall we had a MICROBURST confirmed in Haverhill/Plaistow, NH area.  As I explained in yesterday’s blog, a microburst is a stright-line wind… versus a tornado, which we know is rotating winds.  Either way – the wind speed/impact/amount of damage was very similar in both instances.  The microburst said to be a wind gust of 80mph – and the EF0 with winds between 65-85mph.  THIS is why it is so important to take any Severe Thunderstorm Warning JUST as seriously as a Tornado Warning.  Whether it’s a straight-line wind or a rotating wind (tornado), it can be just as dangerous.  Okay.  Point made.  Moving on.

Back to the beauty that was today!  Temps topped out in the mid 80s, and drier air moved in from the NW.  We even had a bit of a seabreeze today, cooling off Boston into the 70s for the afternoon.  Ahh!  Mother Nature’s FREE A/C keepin’ it cool (it’s all relative).  We can enjoy more of that FREE A/C tonight!  Due to the drier air and the clearing skies, temps will bottom out in the mid to upper 50s for most.  Open up those windows and let the fresh air in!  Though, you may need to keep the blinds closed.  Mother Nature’s “flashlight” is also out tonight; a full moon.  This full moon is called the “Buck Moon” or “Thunder Moon.”  Apparently, bucks begin to grow their antlers during this month – and also, it’s the month with the most thunderstorms… which we should know by now!  :c)

If you liked today, you’ll love tomorrow.  It’s a “rinse and repeat” day, but without the literal “rinse” part.  Sunshine wins, temps top out in the low to mid 80s, and dewpoints stay in the 50° range.  Just a B-T-W… a good “point of reference” for dewpoints would be 60°.  I wrote a really long, incredibly interesting (it’s all relative) blog about dewpoints and relative humidity on Friday.  Any dewp >60° is muggy/humid and anything <60° is comfortable.

Missing the hot, hot heat?  Don’t worry.  It’s still summer!  We’re in for the heat and humidity to come back in a big way for the end of the week and into the weekend.  We’ll also likely be tracking some potentially strong to severe storms on Friday.  Stay tuned for details on that!  For now, enjoy the free A/C.  -Breezy