Snow Way!

Yeah, second time this week we have had accumulating snow, which in April is soul crushing. I get that. Here was a sampling of the amounts (most towns 1″ or so, some less, some a bit more….mainly on non-paved surfaces):

Thankfully, in April, almost as soon as the snow stops falling it starts melting from milder air as well as a *warm ground* (soil temps are near 40). By tomorrow morning, it should be a distant memory. Speaking of memories, how about this doozy of a storm on this date in 1982?!?!

Now, THAT is soul crushing! While it is a bummer to see snowflakes in early April it actually is not uncommon. Boston averages 2″ of snow in the month of April but most of that falls within the first 10 days. After April 10th, picking up an inch (or more) of snow in town is rare…

Thankfully, we don’t have any accumulating snow in the forecast for the weekend but we still have cool temps on tap right into early next week with afternoon temps only in the 40s…we should be reaching the low 50s by now. So, when does that happen? I think by Wednesday of next week, we’ll see temps reach normal values (low 50s) and perhaps reach 60 by next Thursday!

Have a good weekend!