Spring In New England

I’m not exactly sure how it has taken hold—-springtime in New England that features sunshine, temps in the 60s and little blue cartoon birdies that sing on your shoulder while walking to work–but the reality is that spring in New England can be frustratingly cold. Oh sure we do have some mild stretches during spring but being so close to not one but two cold source regions–Canada and the Atlantic ocean it is tough to have warmth arrive and stay here. We (as in me) should slow our warm weather roll for a bit. Granted, 5 years ago this week it was anything but cold. Check these temps out:

Perhaps that is how/when we were (mis)lead to believe that spring is warm. No—that was just a freakishly warm (following that crazy warm & snowless winter I might add) March. This March has been loaded with nothing but cold and today is no different. We have bitterly cold temps overnight as low temps head for the single numbers & teens, while tomorrow we will struggle to reach the mid 30s, below normal by about 10-12 degrees. At least we’ll have the sun around.

We will come out of this mid winter cold slowly on Friday but in terms of any warmth, forget about it. A warm front with spring warmth will get stuck in New England for several days and for us, we’ll be on the cool, raw side of that front this weekend and into next week. Plan on clodus, spot showers, patchy drizzle & temps ranging from 35-40 for several days (and nights). Certainly not bitterly cold but not exactly warm either.

Slowly this chilly, raw pattern will melt into more typical early spring weather in about a week or so but in terms of the fun stuff (60s, perhaps 70s), I’ve always used Patriots Day/Marathon Monday as my first day of spring.

Starting tomorrow and lasting until September 12th, our sunsets occur after 7pm!