Sunday Showers & Storms

Did you catch a quick shower today?  It came through just about how I expected:  midday – didn’t last long.  In fact, I was out for a run and just took cover long enough for my husband to send a text message… then the rain moved out as quickly as it moved in.  How much did we get from this quick shower?  Not much to write home about; only 0.01″ for BOS.  Yes, we need the rain – but what most people want is pleasant weather for the weekend.  At least we got that pleasant weather this afternoon, as the skies cleared out.

The forecast for tomorrow is fairly similar, but we have a better shot at picking up some rain in more locations.  Check out this cold front, running from Toronto all the way down to Houston, TX (as I write this blog):

Impressive, right?!  That’s on the way into our neighborhoods tomorrow, and it could bring us some quick downpours and thunderstorms.  So, while tomorrow is not a washout – by any stretch of the imagination – it’s still a day to keep an eye to the sky.  Remember, “when thunder roars, go indoors.”  The best timing for this action will be in the morning hours through midday:  into Worcester County by 9am, and off the Cape by about 3pm. While forecast models are pretty aggressive with dropping a quick 0.50″ of rain in some isolated spots, I think most of us will walk away from this event disappointed once again at the lack of rain (a “trace” to 0.25″).

Again, Sunday will not be lost to rain!  In fact, after the front moves through, we’re left with gorgeous weather.  This front will sweep out the humidity and the cloud cover… and leave us with a pleasant afternoon/evening.  The only bad news?  The sunset tomorrow is at 7:00pm.  Sorry.  Just the messenger.  At least the dwindling daylight is what cues the leaves to start changing colors.  Does that help?

Starting off next week, Monday will be a gorgeous day:  wall-to-wall sunshine, NO HUMIDITY whatsoever, and highs in the mid 70s.  – Breezy