Too Hot to Trot

No record highs were set today, but we did come very close in Boston.  For those runners that were sweating in the heat and race anxiety today, don’t worry!  It won’t be so hot tomorrow.  It will be WARM for the runners, but not HOT like today!

Cooler air is moving in as I type this blog, and we’re getting some showers on the leading edge of that cooler air.  These showers won’t amount to too much, and the line will fall apart as it gets closer to the coast.  We’re done with the wet weather by 10-11pm tonight, and clouds will gradually clear out.  I don’t want to call this front a “COLD front,” because the air behind it isn’t all that cold.  In fact, it’s still well above average with lows overnight staying in the upper 50s and low 60s – and highs tomorrow topping out around 70°.  Here’s how Marathon Monday looks:

This is PERFECT weather for spectators and all of those going to Fenway.  Enjoy!  For runners it will be warm, especially during the 2nd half. Plan on temps “feeling like” 10-20° warmer than the numbers read, especially under mostly sunny skies. I know all runners know they need to hydrate for a race like this – but my friendly reminder is to WEAR SUNSCREEN! I didn’t slather it on well enough last year and paid with sore skin and sore muscles… but a very happy heart. Best of luck!!

For those who felt like today was “too hot, too soon” we’ll be back to spring-like weather for the rest of the week and it starts on Tuesday.  With an onshore wind, we’ll have more clouds and cooler temperatures.  Highs inland will top out in the low to maybe the mid 50s, but the coast will stay in the 40s.  There’s a chance for some light showers or drizzle; either way, it’s a bit dreary and much cooler.

I think we can hold off on showers for Wednesday until late into the evening (should be dry for the Revolution game at Gillette) – but then we’re in for unsettled weather for Thursday and Friday.

Happy Easter!  – Bri Eggers