Two Outta Three Ain’t Bad

I love when the weather forecast calls for the perfect soundtrack!  Looking at the 3-day weekend, I’d say Meatloaf is on the track with the weather:

I know the weather today had many worried about the rest of the weekend.  Memorial Day may be the “unofficial start to summer,” but if you base that on today’s weather… well, that would be a big “NOPE.”  But just wait!  It gets better!  Slow improvements continue overnight tonight as mostly cloudy skies prevail as we dry out. That cloud cover may be nagging at times tomorrow as quite a bit of low level moisture gets trapped in around southern New England. That moisture won’t be rain producing, but may be enough to block that sun at times and keep it a bit cool, albeit, warmer that today. Expect highs tomorrow to be in the upper 50s at the coast to mid 60s inland (could be warmer if more sun breaks out).  Either way – Saturday is DRY.

Sunday, it does look like more sun will break out as highs head for the mid 70s inland and run in the 60s at the coast.  SUNshine for SUNday… How apropos!  This would be the “pick” of the long weekend.

Monday, we bring back some showers and highs in the 50s. Sorry… but as Meatloaf said – “Two outta three ain’t bad.”  Not bad at all.  Enjoy your long weekend, stay safe, and maybe take some time to reflect on the real meaning of Memorial Day too.  – Breezy