We Are Cooking!

What a day—at the risk of sounding like Chandler Bing….Could it BE any nicer? I’m not sure it could and this pattern is to thank..

All the cool weather from last week has sloshed to the other end of the bathtub…err….North American continent this week and it’s only getting warmer. The message is quite simple and at the risk of sounding like Maroon 5, I only need a Little of your time this evening.

More sunshine is on tap for the next couple of days and that will send temps even higher, reaching the top of the mountain on Thursday–90s!..

A cool front will put an end to the summer preview by the weekend. Back to Thursday….that 92 should be good enough for a record here in Boston:

Worcester, I think you’ll come up a couple degrees short of a record but 88 in mid May is still quite warm.
That advertised cool front will slice through southern New England Friday afternoon, sparking off some isolated t-storms but no washout. Fantastic spring weather is slated for the weekend!