Dang wind! My winter MO has always been…if you can get through a cold winter and no wind…you stand a chance…..welp…so much for that today! That wind was fiesty for much of the day, gusting near 30 mph which then turned 25 degree temps into 16 degree wind chills. No thanks.

We do have more cold air on tap tonight and again tomorrow but at least by tomorrow that wind will be very light (if even noticeable). Once that area of High Pressure, located in  Ohio, reaches New England, that wind will fade:

On that back side of the High Pressure is a warm front–the front edge of warm air! Check out the high temps across the eastern United States today:

Chicago 43…..Nashville 58 and Kansas City 64! We won’t be that warm but warmer air is heading this way for the weekend. Saturday will be the warmer of the two days:

Temps up near 50…..a healthy southwest wind could *mask* some of that warm air. Sunday is still mild (less wind) but the day will start with clouds & rain showers (no ice threat here), drier weather for the afternoon hours. Those showers are the result of colder air returning–slowly at first–and that colder air will knock our temps closer to normal (36) early next week. That cold front will lurk along the east coast next Monday-Tuesday and jet stream energy may be able to pop a storm along that front at that time…perhaps our next chance at a plowable snow…more on that potential this weekend.

Wind, cold, threat of snow bumming you out? I get that. Hey, no matter what the weather, we are gaining daylight–nearly 70 minutes of the next four weeks!

That’s a forecast I can guarantee!