Winter Goes Out In Style

While most of us can’t let the snowblower and shovel chill in the garage, snow will fall for others. Combine that with a gusty wind, and low and behold, winter goes out in style today.

A fresh coating to a half inch on non paved surfaces greeting many towns this morning, but the focus of the mid morning to early evening snow will fall across the Cape. That’s also where the winds crank this afternoon and this evening too, with gusts there 45-55mph, strongest across the Outer Cape and Nantucket.

Despite snowing most of the day across the Cape, the totals won’t be all that impressive. With temps in the mid 30s, a high March sun angle, it has to snow really hard to pile up. Generally, 1-3″ is expected there, with much of it on non paved surfaces and highest totals over the outer Cape and Nantucket. If we can get heavier bands to persist around Chatham or Nantucket, an isolated 4 or 5″ amount is possible on the deck or gass, but that’s contingent on those heavier bands being more persistent. Anyhow, it’s an overall nasty, raw March day across the Cape and Islands.

For the rest of us, a few snow flurries or a snow shower is possible, but no travel problems are expected as accumulations area minimal and restricted to the patio furniture or grass through the evening.

Heading to the parade in Southie?  Gusty wind develops, temps run mid 30s, but other than a flurry or snow shower, the storm’s a non event in Boston. Stay warm and have fun!

Spring officially arrives tomorrow, and for a couple of days, it’ll be near seasonable levels with highs in the 40s to near 50 Monday and Tuesday. Another blast of cold air comes back Wednesday and Thursday with highs in the 30s and lows in the teens.

Long range forecast doesn’t show any prolonged stretches of warm weather, but an up and down pattern that occasional throws some milder air in here. It’s possible to reach the 60s by next Saturday if that Friday night warm front can push through.

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