The weather today was not the weather that any of us ordered for Memorial Day.  This holiday weekend is considered to be the “unofficial start of summer” – but officially, it didn’t feel anything like it!  We were stuck right around 50° all day, cloud cover firmly in place, a chilly breeze off the ocean… and wet weather.  What a bummer.  I do maintain however, that today was just as I said it would be in my forecast last night:  NOT a complete washout!  We were able to get many of those early services and parades in, with drops not falling in Boston until around 2pm!  Yes, it did feel more like November than the end of May – but that was also in the forecast last night.  Trust me – in this weather pattern, I WISH I could do some WISH-casting for us all!  But unfortunately, I don’t do magic… I just do science.  Wish-casting doesn’t exist.  

I have learned that here in New England, during the springtime especially, it’s safer to “under-promise and over-deliver.”  Let me put it this way:  If I say “tomorrow will be partly sunny and 70°” and then it’s mostly cloudy and 67° – there will be people who step forward to say “YOU GOT IT WRONG!”  Now, if I say “tomorrow will be mostly cloudy and 70°” and then it ends up being partly sunny and 73°… it’s likely that no one will complain.  In both of those scenarios; “partly sunny” and “mostly cloudy” mean almost the same thing to me (more clouds than sun) so it’s all the same forecast – and 3 degrees is marginal!  Especially HERE!  The point I’m trying to make is, if the weather turns out to be cloudier, colder, breezier, with even ONE drop of rain – then someone will inevitably call the forecast a “bust.”  In contrast, if the weather turns out to be sunnier, warmer, less-humid etc… Then no one complains.

With that in mind.  Tomorrow will be cloudy.  Boom.  Roasted.  :c)  I’m just kidding around.  I’m only saying that because if we see any glimmers of sunshine (which we should) then you will all be very pleased!  :c)  For real-talk though, tomorrow looks to be mostly, if not all cloudy – but it also looks dry.  Temps should be a bit milder too, with highs in the low to mid 60s… and of course a touch warmer if we can break out that strong sunshine… but I’m not making any promises!  We will go with my other favorite weather mantra here: “Plan for the worst and hope for the best!”

A few showers could move through late tomorrow night (while you are sleeping) – but it’s really Wednesday that’s our next shot at some showers and storms.  A few isolated showers could arrive during the day on Wednesday but the potential for storms comes during the evening hours after some daytime heating as occurred, giving those storms some extra fuel to fire off of.  The line tracks in from the NW, and some of these storms could be strong to even severe (wind and hail as the main threats).  We’re keeping a close eye on this, and we’ll keep you posted – as always.

We truly do try to do our best work always.  We never lie, and we never wish-cast.  We just tell you what we see and what we know.  As I told one hater on Twitter today (who was mad about the clouds on Sunday):  “Stick with me, guy. I do my best – & I was happy with my best work all wknd! You just missed the full story/forecast. :c) ”  My guess is, he was going off of a weather app.

Also, I’d be remiss to not mention that today wasn’t about the weather.  It wasn’t about getting a tan or grilling the perfect dinner.  Today was about remember those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.  Thank a hero.  Remember a loved one.  Make a new memory and share it with the next generation like these cute kiddos:  #MemorialDay2017