Special procedure: Tooth Fairy visits patient at Boston Children’s Hospital

BOSTON (WHDH) - A young girl who had to get a baby tooth removed for a medical procedure found out that the Tooth Fairy visits Boston Children’s Hospital.

Eight-year-old Evalyn Carella was born with heart defects and has been going to Children’s since she was 2. In order to intubate her while she was asleep for a recent heart procedure, doctors had to remove one of her baby teeth.

But when Evalyn woke up, she found a bag with $2 and her lost tooth.

“I was very happily surprised … sometimes it’s hard being away from home in the hospital, so it was really nice the Tooth Fairy could find us there,” said Evalyn’s mom Mia. “Everyone is just so caring and did everything they could to make sure our visit goes as smoothly as possible, as comfortable as possible.”

Evalyn had a simple message for the Tooth Fairy at the hospital: “Thank you!”

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