Thing 1 And Thing 2


Two storms. Two chances of snow (Thing 1 and Thing 2). Thing 1 will come from that storm located in Kentucky this evening. You also notice High Pressure up across southern Canada–that’s a first in a while as it is in a position to provide this storm plenty of cold…translation…no rain/snow lines! Of course, the track of the storm also depends the amount of snow (not just rain snow lines) and the track is a southern track….just barely affecting metro Boston and locations north/west of the city. The steadiest snow occurs across southeastern Massachusetts tomorrow morning from about 7 am until noon. By afternoon, the flakes are gone and a few peeks of sun occur. As for snowfall potential, here is what I’m thinking:
That will be all be on the ground by noon tomorrow. You can see what the offshore track does to the amounts–keeping most of the snow down in Buzzards Bay/Cape/Islands with a plowable snow only likely up to about a Scituate-Attleboro line. Brooms should do the trick here in the metro. You folks in southern N.H.-northern Worcester county can sit this one out.

OK…..Thing (storm) #2. It will affect us Saturday afternoon/evening and be gone by Sunday morning. This second storm takes a very similar path to Thing #1 which means most of the snow is likely to be focused across southeastern Massachusetts with places along & north of Rt. 2 once again, taking a backseat to the storms focus. As for snowfall potential, here is what I’m thinking for Saturday evening (storm all done by midnight):


Sunday sees a return to sunshine while holding onto winter temps–great for skiing, sledding for much of the region!thing-12